pHAce Skincare 

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pHAce Philosophy

Kim Platt has always had a genuine interest and love for health, beauty and

 inspiring others to look and feel their best no matter what! She believes it is never 

too late to set goals and make it happen! Kim did just that! About 4 years Kim started laser training with a multitude of other modalities in the industry. She set her goals 

again and knew she wanted to be an Injection Specialist and to develop her own 

private label skincare line that was affordable and formulated for anti aging/anti wrinkling

and with no synthetics. Well, it happened! Already celebrating two years of 

business at her UpTown Spa/Boutike, Kim has made her goals happen!

For the past two years, Kim has worked with a local Bio Chemist to formulate 

her simple skincare line known as “pHAce”. “pHAce” (face)(HA hyarulonic acid) 

Skincare is formulated for the aging skin. Create with all natural ingredients. 

No synthetics. Essentials Oils Organic. Not animal tested. Every product works 

amazing with each and every skin type, and, each product can be used alone, 

or cocktail them up for even a better boost of tightening and nutritional value. 

No dyes, stinky perfumes. No fancy packaging. You are paying for 

wholesome product. Pure and simple! I guarantee you 

will love, love, love it!!!!

Yours truly!